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Jill Boltjes

Jill Boltjes is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor and co-founder of Healing Path Counseling & Wellness. She received her undergraduate from Minnesota State University Moorhead in Moorhead, MN and her Masters’ from University of South Dakota in Vermillion, SD. A total of 8 years experience of home-based family services, residential, and outpatient services. She is experienced in the following: Trauma therapy using EMDR techniques and Brainspotting; Trained in EMDR; Certified in Brainspotting; Children ages birth to 5 using Diagnostic Classification of Mental Health and Developmental Disorders of Infancy and Early Childhood; Permanency and Adoption Competency Certification; working with Children, adolescents, adults, and families. At Healing Path Counseling & Wellness, Jill provides individual and family therapy. Ray, therapy animal in training, joins her at work as a co-therapist. She believes pets play a significant role in learning and emotional and social developmental. They make great companions and offer support during times of pain, loss, sadness, and stress. 

Hi! My name is Ray. I am currently in training to be a certified therapy animal. Currently I have completed my beginner obedience class. Now I am in my distraction training class. This class is a challenge for me. Sometimes it's hard to sit still and follow directions. There are days I want to play with my buddy Koda all day long. My coach tells me that focus and attention are a skill that needs lots of practice. So, I am practicing my new skills just like you. I hope we can work on them together. I can't wait to meet you and become friends. Sometimes I can be shy, so please approach me slowly and let me smell you in order to get to know you. Other days I can be really excited, so please don't pet me until I have calmed down. My coach says this will help practice my new skills. I like her and I think you will like her too.

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