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Mental Health Therapy

We Offer Professional Mental Health Therapy

There is a special type of therapy called Eye Movement Desensitization Movement or EMDR that is designed to help individuals overcome traumatic events using particular eye movement in conjunction with event recollection. This type of therapy is highly effective for many patients seeking lasting relief from the symptoms of trauma. To learn more about this unique and highly effective therapy option, please visit our website or call to speak to an expert who can provide details about the therapy sessions and other important questions. Those seeking a better way to improve their quality of life after trying many different options may want to consider trying this appealing option. Call to schedule a consultation or get details about the other treatment options currently offered at this clinic.

People interested in pursuing mental health therapy at a local clinic with highly qualified and caring professionals are urged to call and make an appointment at Healing Path Counseling & Wellness. We offer a wide range of services that are designed to promote healing and well being. There are several options to choose from that are listed on the website with a short description. Those individuals interested in learning more about the therapy and counseling services available at our location should call and speak to a representative who can further assist with making an appointment for a consultation or answering any questions. There is no need to struggle with life's issues alone. A caring team of experts is waiting to help the residents of the area get the treatment and services they need to lead a better life.

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