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Discover Compassionate Therapy Services

Those residents in the area who are interested in therapy for themselves or their family can count on the professional services of Healing Path Counseling & Wellness to get the results they need in a peaceful setting. We are ready to help our patients get the treatment and services necessary to improve their lives and give them the attention and tools they need to overcome issues and trauma. We are standing by to help or provide more information about the services we offer. To learn more about our clinic or to find contact information, please visit the website. Those interested are encouraged to make an appointment for a consultation to ensure they get the correct course of treatment and learn about the options available to them to treat their specific situation or conditions.

One of the many treatment options currently offered at Healing Path Counseling & Wellness is brainspotting. This treatment is designed to help recall past traumatic events. It can be an excellent tool for treating various symptoms that can be associated with traumatic events, even if they are directly able to be recalled before the therapy. Several other options are offered at our clinic by top professionals who care about their patients' mental health and well-being. There is a list of services and therapy options provided on the website and contact information listed on the page, so potential patients call to speak to one of the caring representatives ready to assist them. They can schedule an appointment for a consultation where one of the therapists or counselors can provide insight for treatment options and details of each service to help the patient make suitable choices for their course of treatment.

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